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Personal projects

alexdom.io (web page)

v1.X  Source code is not yet available on Github

Javascript HTML5 NodeJS MaterializeCSS alexdom.io GaussLoader 2.1 FW

alexdom.io (web page)

Personal web page based on Materialize CSS, using my own experimental technology to load web content; Gauss loader which preloads the web page in memory and subpages, also uses local storage for future visits.

Academic projects (DAW)

Bookious (Final project DAW)

v1.x Beta Source code is not yet available on Github

Javascript HTML5 PHP jQuery Materialize FW MySQL DB

Bookious (Final project DAW)

Web app inspired by Spotify, users can upload their own epub to the server so you can access from any location with internet and read your e-books, noteworthy that I have implemented the capacity to synchronize the current page, mode offline and night display.

Professional projects